Format Paragraph

The Format Paragraph dialog appears when you choose Format > Format Paragraph from the main menu while editing text on the RichTexts page. It allows you to change the formatting of the selected paragraphs, or of the paragraph that contains the caret if no text is selected. Most of the formatting options can also be changed individually through other commands on the Format menu or the toolbar; the Format Paragraph dialog merely presents them in one place and also allows you to set some combinations that are not accessible otherwise.

Dialog fields and options

This dialog box contains the following fields and options.

Attribute Description
Left [indentation] Enter the indentation of the paragraph's left margin, expressed in points (1 point = 1/72 inch), or enter 0 (zero) for no indentation.
Right [indentation] Enter the indentation of the paragraph's right margin, expressed in points, or enter 0 (zero) for no indentation.
First line [indentation] Enter the left margin indentation of the paragraph's first line, or enter 0 (zero) for no indentation. The first line indentation is added to the left indentation of the whole paragraph. You can create a hanging indent by specifying a positive left indentation and a corresponding negative indentation for the first line.
Alignment Select the alignment of the paragraph: Left (flush left, ragged right margin), Center (each line is centered, with ragged left and right margins), or Right (flush right, ragged left margin).
Bullet list Check this box to create a paragraph with a hanging indent and a bullet at the start of the first line. This will automatically set matching Left and First line indentations; if you want to change them, you should do so after checking the Bullet list box.