Required action sequence %s not found

The indicated action sequence does not appear in the list of action sequences, but is required by the installer. As a result, the installer will not be able to perform the actions that normally go into that sequence and the installation will probably fail.

Required sequences for InstallMate

The action sequences that InstallMate requires are listed below. Failure to include these sequences leads to unpredictable behavior of the installer.

Action sequence Purpose
_EntryHandler Defines the actions that the installer executes when it starts. This sequence typically contains conditional actions that branch to more specific action sequences, for example installation or removal.
_ExitHandler Defines the actions that the installer executes when it terminates. This sequence typically contains non-standard cleanup actions.


To resolve this problem, add the missing sequence. If you accidentally deleted the sequence, you can re-insert a copy of the default actions as follows:

  1. Start a second instance of InstallMate.
  2. In the second instance, create a new, blank project with an InstallMate package, as required.
  3. In the second instance, go to the Actions page.
  4. In the second instance, select the missing action sequence in the list on the right, right-click on it, and select Copy.
  5. Return to the original InstallMate instance, go to its Actions page, right-click on the Action Sequences root node, and select Paste.
  6. Close the second InstallMate instance.