Shell verb application %s is not an installation item and cannot be checked

The component to which the indicated object belongs is not used in the current configuration. As a result, only the implicit installation action Create on demand and implicit removal action Remove if empty apply to the object; any explicit actions are ignored.


By default, installation folders and registry keys are automatically created when a child object is installed in them, and they are removed when they become empty. You can also specify explicit installation or removal actions, but they are generally linked to a component. The table below shows the relation between the object's component and the allowable installation and removal actions.

Component? Component status InstallMate
Yes Included Any action allowed & performed
Excluded Create on demand, Remove if empty
No n/a Any action allowed & performed


If the object's component is intentionally excluded from the package and you do not require the explicit actions, you can ignore this message. However, if you intend to install the indicated object, you should ensure that its component is used by the current configuration, or assign it to a different component.

Note that a previous BLD:Q0091 message will have been issued to alert you to the omission of the component in question.