Environment variable will be Current User with less than Administrator access

The indicated environment variable will only be installed for the current user (i.e., the user who performs the installation) if the installer is run by a user with less than Administrator privileges. This may not be what you intended.


On Windows NT-based systems (NT4, 2000, XP, 2003, and later), environment variables are stored in the registry and access to the key where the system-wide environment variables are stored is limited to Administrators. If the installer runs with less than Administrator privileges, InstallMate will automatically fall back to a current user install for the environment variables.

None of this is an issue on Windows 9x (95, 98, and Me), because environment variables on those platforms are stored in the autoexec.bat file, which is accessible to anyone.


If the environment variables must always be installed as system-wide variables, you should set the Installer attribute User level to Administrator. This ensures that InstallMate will prompt the user to re-run the installer with Administrator privileges if necessary.

On the other hand, if it is not critical how the environment variable is installed, you can ignore this message. Alternatively, you can set the Environment variable attribute Current User only; this not only suppresses this message, but also ensures consistent behavior regardless of the privilege level of the installing user.

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