Installation - Requirements page

The Tarma QuickInstall 2 Installation - Requirements page has been renamed to Requirements in InstallMate. Its purpose has remained the same; it defines the target system requirements for your product.

Changes from Tarma QuickInstall 2 to InstallMate

The following table shows the correspondence between the Installation - Requirements fields in Tarma QuickInstall 2 and the Requirements fields in InstallMate.

Tarma QuickInstall 2 InstallMate Changes and conversion notes
Windows 95 Windows 95 No changes
Windows 98 Windows 98 No changes
Windows Me Windows Me No changes
Windows NT4 Windows NT4 No changes
Windows 2000 Windows 2000 No changes
Windows XP Windows XP No changes
Future Windows NT versions Windows 2003, Vista InstallMate has separate options for Windows Server 2003 and Vista.
Internet Explorer Internet Explorer No changes
Display resolution Display No changes
Color mode Colors No changes
Memory size Memory size No changes