Checking System Requirements Prior to Installation

Some applications require specific Windows versions or hardware to be present for successful operation. It is good practice to check these requirements prior to installation, if only to save the customer the trouble of installing an application that won't run on his computer anyway.

The installer has built-in facilities for checking the Windows version on which it runs, and to perform some basic hardware checks. The checks are performed by the CheckRequirements standard action. If the requirements are not met, the installer displays a message box with the minimum requirements and the actual configuration, and refuses to install.

Note - If your application has system requirements beyond those that can be checked with InstallMate, you might consider using an Extension DLL. With an extension DLL, you can add any kind of system checks that you can program, and InstallMate will integrate them in the normal installation process.

How to check system requirements prior to installation

To let the installer check the minimum system requirements prior to installation, act as follows.

  1. Select the Requirements project page in the navigation panel on the left.
  2. Select the minimum hardware requirements for your application.