System information variables

Variable Description
AdminUser Installing user has Administrator privileges
ColorBits Color depth of display in bits/pixel
COMPANYNAME Name of the installing company
ComputerName Computer network name
ComSpec Command processor path
Date Installation date formatted according to regional preferences
Intel Intel CPU level
Intel64 Intel/64 CPU level, if present
LogonUser Name of the installing user
MsiAMD64 AMD/64 CPU level, if present
MsiNetAssemblySupport Target system supports .Net runtime assemblies
MsiNTProductType Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista product type
MsiNTSuiteBackOffice BackOffice is installed
MsiNTSuiteDataCenter DataCenter is installed
MsiNTSuiteEnterprise A Windows Server edition is installed
MsiNTSuitePersonal Running on a Windows Home edition (XP, Vista, and later)
MsiNTSuiteSmallBusiness Small Business Server is installed
MsiNTSuiteSmallBusinessRestricted Restricted Small Business Server is installed
MsiNTSuiteWebServer Running on Windows Web edition
MsiWin32AssemblySupport Target system supports Win32 assemblies
Msix64 x64 CPU level, if present
PhysicalMemory Size of physical memory in MB
PowerShell Fully qualified path to the Windows PowerShell processor
PrimaryVolumePath Volume containing the primary installation folder
PrimaryVolumeSpaceAvailable Available disk space on primary installation volume
PrimaryVolumeSpaceRemaining Remaining disk space on primary installation volume
PrimaryVolumeSpaceRequired Required disk space on primary installation volume
Privileged Installing user has elevated privileges
RegCLR2Version Microsoft .Net 2.0 installed version
RegCLR35Version Microsoft .Net 3.5 installed version
RegCLR3Version Microsoft .Net 3.0 installed version
RegCLR4ClientVersion Microsoft .Net 4.0 Client profile installed version
RegCLR4FullVersion Microsoft .Net 4.0 Full profile installed version
RegCLR4Version Microsoft .Net 4.0 Client or Full profile installed version
RegIEVersion Microsoft Internet Explorer installed version
RegMDACVersion Microsoft MDAC installed version
RegNTProductType Windows NT old-style product type name
RegOrganization Name of the registered organization
RegOwner Name of the registered user
ScreenLPX Logical resolution of display in pixels/inch, horizontal
ScreenLPY Logical resolution of display in pixels/inch, vertical
ScreenX Width of display in pixels
ScreenY Height of display in pixels
ServicePackLevel Service pack level of target system
ServicePackLevelMinor Minor service pack level of target system
SystemLanguageID Language ID of the default system language (decimal)
TerminalServer Target system is running Terminal Server
Time Installation time formatted according to regional preferences
USERNAME Name of the installing user
UserSID Security identifier of installing user
Version9X Windows 9x version number
VersionCLR .Net version number
VersionIE Internet Explorer version number
VersionMDAC MDAC version number
VersionMsi MSI version number
VersionNT Windows NT version number
VersionNT32 Windows NT/32 version number
VersionNT64 Windows NT/64 version number
VersionPS Windows PowerShell version number
VersionTin InstallMate version number
VirtualMemory Size of virtual memory in MB
WindowsBuild Windows build number
WindowsCore Target system is a core (non-UI) installation of Windows
WindowsType Windows product type number
XCopy XCopy command line utility