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White papers and reviews

The following articles and reviews by Ron van der Wal have been published in academic and professional journals. Some of the articles are available online. Please note that these articles are © 1992-1997 by Ron van der Wal. You are allowed to make a copy for your own personal use and study. For larger quantities or other uses, please apply to info@tarma.com.

Source code profilers for Win32

November 1997 - A review of the following source code profilers for Win32 software development: Intel VTune 2.5, Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0 profiler, Rational Visual Quantify 4.0, TracePoint HiProf 2.0, TracePoint Visual Coverage 1.0, Watcom C++ 11.0 profiler, Win32 SDK profiling tools.

Destroy or destruct?

March 1997 - A discussion of the use of virtual destructors in C++, versus an alternative approach for polymorphic object destruction. Includes empirical data.

On the heap?

January 1997 - A discussion of techniques to detect whether a particular C++ object is allocated off the heap. Includes comments on Item 27 of Scott Meyers' book More Effective C++.

C++ compilers for Win32

September 1996 - A review of the following C++ compilers for Win32 software development: Borland C++ 5.01, IBM VisualAge for C++ for Windows 3.5, Microsoft Visual C++ 4.1 and 4.2, Symantec C++ 7.21, Watcom C++ 10.6.

Testing testers: Error detection tools for Win32

July 1996 - A review of the following error detection tools for Win32 software development: BoundsChecker 4.0 Professional, CodeGuard 32/16, HeapAgent 3.0, Purify 4.0/NT, PC-lint 7.0.

Algorithms as objects

January 1996 - A discussion of using C++ classes to encapsulate certain algorithms that allow them to be dynamically replaceable. Two alternative approaches are presented: using inheritance or using delegation to separate objects.

A distributed simulation game

November 1995 - A description of the design and implementation of a distributed simulation game, running on a variety of local area networks (Novell NetWare, Banyan VINES, NetBIOS). It uses an object-oriented design with separate and distributed publishers and subscribers.

Using C++ for cross-platform IPX

July 1995 - A description of a C++ encapsulation of the Novell NetWare IPX API for various platforms: MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows, and Apple Macintosh.